What our clients have to say!

The following are testimonials from our clients who wanted to share with you what a 3D ultrasound, 4D ultrasound and HD ultrasound experience is like. We know you will be happy seeing your child for the first time, and we can’t wait to share your experience with others as well on this page.



I can’t say enough for this place and their amazing services and costumer care. I emailed them at 3 am. They were able to squeeze me in last minute right say next morning 9 am they called me telling me they will see me at 1045. with the most perfect pictures. So welcome. So caring. I would spend so much money to come to this place over and over and over. but the best is u only pay $95 and can have ur gender as early as 13 weeks an up! So clear. Fabio is such an amazing person. He makes u feel so comfortable I will forever be grateful for him and his amazing job he does. I just can’t recomment this place enough. Thank you thank you thank you!!!



Recommend a million times! Ive never gotten as good of pictures as I have at moms to be Ultrasound!! The tech is beyond amazing & you can tell loves his job!! Been going since i was 15 weeks!! Been three times now and cant complain at all!!




3. Portuguese: O Fábio é referência no que faz! Obrigada por todo cuidado, paciência e experiência. Por descobrir o sexo do meu filho, por me mostrar cada detalhe do seu rostinho e corpinho! Recomendaria vocês mil vezes.

English: Fábio is a reference in what he does! Thank you for all your care, patience and experience. For discovering the sex of my son, for showing me every detail of his little face and little body! I would recommend you a thousand times



Thank you so much for yesterday! It was amazing to see our little baby so clearly! Fabio is so lovely and very good at what he does! He goes above and beyond to make sure you see every little detail! Then for you to keep the gender a secret from us and put it in an envelope for our reveal! Can’t wait to meet our princess.




Moms-to-be ultrasound is a great place to do a ultrasound. We just wanna to thank you Fabio for the love and affection we had in our visits. Both the first for the revelation of sex as the second. The people who work there are very blessed. We feel just like home, so comfortably and peaceful. The atmosphere is so amazing. We highly recommend moms-to-be ultrasound. They are awesome



3 pregnancies – 6 visits!! I’ve been coming to Them since 2011 and I wouldn’t recommend anywhere else. Fabio doesn’t rush you, it’s a great atmosphere and it’s very family oriented. We always came as a family and everyone is so well treated. Definitely recommend for moms to be



We visited last week whilst on holiday to find out the gender of our baby and we just wanted to say, thank you! We had such a lovely time, Fabio explained everything to us and we didn’t feel rushed. We would definitely recommend Moms To Be to anyone thinking about getting a scan.



Recommend a million times! Ive never gotten as good of pictures as I have at moms to be Ultrasound!! The tech is beyond amazing & you can tell loves his job!! Been going since i was 15 weeks!! Been three times now and cant complain at all!!



Mommy to be is a great place to get a second opinion, especially if you are not confident with what your ob/gyn’s sonographer has concluded. Fabio is very patiant and informative for first time moms. His 10+ years of experience definitely shows during our session together. I recommended this service for first time moms and moms with children excited to meet thier new siblings.

Prices are posted on thier website and are very fair ~95-150 depending on your package. You get a DVD of your session, pictures, and above all, a second opinion from someone who is knowledgeable and passionate with his craft.



30 weeks today and we had such an AMAZING experience at Moms to be for our HD ultrasound, would highly recommend to any expecting mommas! Totally worth every single penny!



Absolutely love this place. The atmosphere was very relaxing. I would highly recommend them. Pictures came out beautiful



Moms To Be Ultrasound is an amazing place to get ultrasounds done. Was recommended to go there by my future sister in law. Had them done in November and December. My son was being stubborn the first session but Fabio was able to get him to move to get better images. Went a second time and got more amazing images. Definitely recommend Moms To Be Ultrasound for anyone wanting to see their baby in 3D.

Chamale Family



Best place in Orlando to find out the
Baby’s gender or just to see your baby’s face. They are amazing , very comfortable and relaxing room. Been going there since 2008, done all my three pregnancies ultrasound there and always had the BEST experience ever.




I had such a wonderful experience today visiting this office. It’s beautiful, clean, and most importantly, the staff were so kind and welcoming. My baby girl was hiding from the camera but Fabio made sure we could get a good picture of her. I highly recommend going here. They are a class act!!




Went to Moms to be Ultrasound at my 15 weeks to find out the sex of my baby & I left with so much more. The place feels so calm and family friendly. The ultrasound tech is so attentive & explains everything well. He answered all my questions and & helped my family understand what they were seeing. He also celebrated with us when we found out the sex of the baby. I am definitely going back when I am 28-30 weeks for my 3D-4D ultrasound. This place is awesome!!!




“Thank you for everything Fabio & Momstobe Ultrasound ❤️”
Antonio & Federica Nocerino



I love this place!! They told me what I was having with all my kids.. I have 3 boys an now they were finally able to tell me I’m having a girl!!! So so so happy! I’m due next month. Can wait to put my HD pics next to a live pic of my daughter!!! Thanks Fabio



We had a wonderful visit today to find out the gender of our babe! We received lots of printed photos as well as a DVD of them, plenty of time watching the baby kick and squirm around. Atmosphere was warm and welcoming.



This place is great if you are wanting an intimate experience, Fabio is wonderful and really gets the best imaging possible for your little one. I am 34 weeks and the pictures came out great and the tech had wonderful bedside manner if I have another baby I will definitely go back!! Highly recommend!!



Went to Moms to be Ultrasound at my 15 weeks to find out the sex of my baby & I left with so much more. The place feels so calm and family friendly. Fabio is so attentive & explains everything well. He answered all my questions and & helped my family understand what they were seeing. He also celebrated with us when we found out the sex of the baby. I am definately going back when I am 28-30 weeks for my 3D-4D ultrasound. This place is awesomeee!!!



Went over the weekend to see the gender of our second baby! The office was clean and cozy! Fabio was so nice, and even allowed me to FaceTime my husband who couldn’t be here. The experience was five stars, and I received a email with 70 photos. That’s amazing. Thank you so much!



My Doctor cancelled on me and I was very sad because I wanted to hear the babie’s heart beat. My husband called Moms to be ultrasound and they gave me an apoitnment. I got to hear and see my baby and it made me very happy. Thanks so much Fabio you really made us feel good. See you in two weeks!



This place is amazing and I will definitely go back if I ever have a 2nd baby! They take care of you and do a phenomenal job with the photos!



Me and my husband went here to find out the gender of our baby at 15 weeks and it was an amazing experience. Fabio was wonderful, we will definitely be back when we are further along. The room is very comfortable and very roomy and we absolutely love that you go home with a DVD of your session along with pics and an email.



Amazing experience, office was beautiful and the ultrasound tech was very professional and explained everything we were seeing. We couldn’t be happier with the service. Thanks!



Me and my husband went in on Wednesday to find out the gender of our baby! We had an amazing experience, great pictures, and are so excited to share the news with our family and friends, we will definitely be coming back.



We had a really great experience at moms to be. Fabio was fantastic and we got really good quality pictures. We had an issue with our original appointment and Fabio went above and beyond to rectify the problem, he’s really caring and made the experience really special. The facility is also really nice and clean and I would definitely recommend it to any expectant moms!



This place is awesome and Fabio tried a total of 3 times to get good shots of my little man. We finally did get some great pics after he turned head down at last! I was so grateful for the chance to give it another go when the first few tries weren’t the best. Our little man loves to have his hands and feet in his face! Thank you so much for your patience and the great pics of him smiling and yawning! Can’t wait to compare before and after shots once he comes out.




We had an awesome appointment here today! It was relaxing and the office is very warm and inviting. Fabio did our sonogram and he was incredibly sweet and informative! He told us the gender and took almost 50 pictures for us to keep. Loved it and we would definitely recommend them to anyone!




Absolutely Amazing experience. I would highly recommend this place for anyone looking for a great ultrasound experience. Gender confirmed at 13 weeks




I never imagined the experience of hearing and seeing my baby for the first time to be anything less then magical on it’s own but this facility made everything incredible. From the staff, treatment, beautiful setup, the atmosphere, price, EVERYTHING was beyond what I could have imagined. So grateful to have found this place and been able to have had such an unforgettable experience.




Had a great experience and found out we’ll be having a little boy!! We can’t wait to go back for our second HD scan in a few months. Thank you, Fabio! ���




I had such an amazing experience finding out my baby’s gender today, the tech Fabio is so committed to what he does. The staff is outstanding, the room is nice and clean and I will definitely come back before birth, highly recommend this location for 3D/4D/HD Ultrasound.




Came back today for our 2nd visit! Got some amazing pictures of our sweet little boy!! We love Moms to Be Ultrasound!!!! We will definitely back back for all future pregnancies!




Fabio was amazing. So sweet and personable. I would definitely recommend them to anyone.




Had a very nice experience today with my ultrasound. I finally know what I am having !The place is super clean and relaxing and the ultrasound tech and secretary were very nice and helpful. Even though baby was not showing his face we get to go back and try again!! Loved it!!




We had a wonderful experience here today! The office was beautiful and very relaxing, and Fabio the ultrasound tech walked us through exactly what we were looking at the entire time. He was incredibly knowledge and reassuring, and really took the time to try to find the best “sneak peek” of our little one. He made us feel welcome and special, and I would definitely recommend this place to any new parents – I can’t stop tearing up looking at how precious our little one’s photos came out! Thank you, Moms to be!




We had a wonderful experience here today! The office was beautiful and very relaxing, and Fabio the ultrasound tech walked us through exactly what we were looking at the entire time. He was incredibly knowledge and reassuring, and really took the time to try to find the best “sneak peek” of our little one. He made us feel welcome and special, and I would definitely recommend this place to any new parents – I can’t stop tearing up looking at how precious our little one’s photos came out!
Thank you, Moms to be!



I really enjoyed my sessions here. I got great pictures. Fabio is a great ultrasound tech. It was such a pleasant experience. Thank you so much and we will be back!




This is my 3rd visit for my 3rd pregnancy and this place is beyond amazing!! Anyone that announces a pregnancy I always recommend to come here!! Awesome staff!! the office is so nice and comfortable I have never been disappointed!!




Absolutely amazing. From the moment you walk in until the moment you walk out they treat you like you’re the only one there. The tech person we had was absolutely wonderful and was very patient and explained everything. Even the front receptionist from the moment you call to book your appointment and until you walk out the service is OnPoint. I would definitely recommend this to anyone everyone expecting a child.




I absolutely loved this place. The ambiance was so calm and peaceful. I went in for a gender reveal and I got a 100% for sure answer.. ITS A BOY!!! I’m 15 weeks and this is the first time, out of all my other 3 pregnancies that I was able to be told the gender so early. So for this place to be able to give me this surprise so early in, was just beautiful. I cant believe I was able to get a clear gender reveal I would recommend this place to any mom to be.




Had my HD ultrasound with my 3rd and absolutely enjoyed it! It was such an amazing experience and the details were out of this world. Compared to 3D/4D I had with my other two children. The staff is so warm and welcoming and the sonographer did an outstanding job capturing precious moments of my baby boy. Definitely a must if you are pregnant to stop by here. I would highly recommend this place in a heart beat. Can’t wait until my baby boy is born to compare pictures. Thanks so much Moms-To-Be!!! You guys are amazing




Thank you for such an unforgettable experience, you guys rock!




Moms To Be Ultrasound gave us the best before and after picture out of all ultrasound we had during my pregnancy, they are THE BEST, thank you!




Hello guys, sending the picture of my beautiful baby, we can’t thank you enough, we loved it our experience!




The staff and tech were AMAZING!!! SO patient and sweet! Had my 3 kids, husband and grandma with me, and they were great with everyone. We will definitely be back in our 30ish weeks for a 3D!




My family & I had the gender reveal ultrasound today. This was our 2nd visit as we went in 2012 with one of our other daughters & it was an amazing experience! Fabio is very kind & knowledgeable. He & the sweet lady at the front desk truly made us feel welcome. We purchased a monkey stuffed animal with the heartbeat recorded along with the ultrasound & feel like we got a fantastic value. Fabio took time to explain exactly what we were seeing. Thank you again. We will definitely continue to highly recommend your spa!




The best experience I’ve ever had! Not to mention how beautiful and clean the office was! Everybody was so sweet, and my pictures / DVD came out BEAUTIFUL AND CLEAR! He also sent an email of all the pictures to my fiancé who is in the military and couldn’t be here today. I can’t brag enough, and will definitely be returning with the next pregnancy too




This place is great, far drive from where I live but very worth it. The staff is amazing, the room is very comfy and set up nicely. I also loved that he explained everything as he was doing the ultrasound. I would highly recommend




“My husband & I are from Toronto and came for an ultrasound while vacationing with our family ! I honestly cannot say anything negative This was THE best experience I’ve ever had this is my (second baby) and it was so inviting and relaxing and such a detailed ultrasound…he proved the gender to us didn’t just tell us… also such a lovely technician!!! I was telling my husband hopefully I’m pregnant again next time I come to Florida will defiantly go back again. it’s boy!”




Couldn’t recommend this place enough! My husband and I came for our first time on Wednesday and it was a wonderful experience. First of all, we were running late due to traffic and I felt really bad. They were very nice and accommodating, not rude or irritated at all. Their place was very warm, welcoming, and also clean. The whole ultrasound was such a comfortable experience with Fabio, and he was able to tell us the gender right away. My husband and I got to leave with plenty of pictures and a DVD of our baby girl. We will definitely return later in the pregnancy for a 4D ultrasound




Thank you Moms To Be Ultrasound for making our surprise gender reveal possible! We went in for a gender ultrasound last Monday (14.2 weeks) and my husband and I had decided that we wouldn’t find out the gender of our babies until Thanksgiving day with our family and friends. We took some confetti cannons with us, and the sonographer kindly erased the codes that would identify the gender of our fraternal twin babies. It was definitely worth the wait as we all found out together that day . The excitement was obvious




“Baby Romeo has arrived! We wanted to send you this incredible before/after pictures, thank you for the great experience, we will recommend everyone we know. You guys rock!”

Maria C.




“Best place to get your 4D Ultrasound. Everyone we have shown our pictures/video have mentioned this is the highest detail/resolution they’ve seen in an 4D / HD Ultrasound. Beyond the quality and service, Fabio is very knowledgeable and friendly; he made us feel like family; in fact we did bring our whole family to share this amazing experience!

Totally recommended. Best ultrasound we have ever had hands down. Great value!”




“I absolutely loved this place. The staff is amazing and Fabio is an awesome well trained ultrasound technician. He is so good with details and made the whole experience a once in a life time one. I highly recommend this place. We drove over an hour to get there and it was worth it. I will cherish the images and dvd of my daughter thanks to them. The atmosphere is very calm and relaxing. I will be recommending this place to all my friends. Thank you mom’s to be for a very special day!”




“Loved my u/s today! I am 13.4 weeks and went in since my OB back home only does medically necessary u/s, so I haven’t seen baby since I was 7 weeks to confirm pregnancy. Having had a miscarriage in October, I want to see baby more, so I booked an appointment while in town on vacation and so happy I did! Although I had an early blood test to determine the gender, the u/s today confirmed that baby is still a girl! Loved hearing the heartbeat and getting measurements, definitely gives me peace of mind and seeing her in HD was incredible. The facility is very nice and comfortable. We will definitely be back next time we’re in town! Thank you so much!”




“Our family is so pleased with Moms to Be Ultrasound! We will definitely be going back for any future babies. Fabio was so nice and spent so much time with us and was so patient with our baby. He was very sweet with our 2 1/2 year old daughter who came with us and we could just tell he loves his job. He got just as excited as us to see our baby’s ears and long legs! It was an amazing experience and we will recommend Moms to Be to everyone now!”




“Our family is so pleased with Moms to Be Ultrasound! We will definitely be going back for any future babies. Fabio was so nice and spent so much time with us and was so patient with our baby. He was very sweet with our 2 1/2 year old daughter who came with us and we could just tell he loves his job. He got just as excited as us to see our baby’s ears and long legs! It was an amazing experience and we will recommend Moms to Be to everyone now!”




“Absolutely amazing place! We came here for my daughters gender reveal and 3d/4d a few years back and then came again for our gender reveal and 3d/4d today! Fabio is amazing! He takes him time and gets tons of pictures The ultrasound tech at our obgyn has been unable to get anything on this baby but he always sees everything right away he is phenomenal. The atmosphere is relaxing and comfortable. They are also very good with kids coming with you! Wish I could give more than 5 stars!”




“Moms to be Ultrasound gives you a great elective ultrasound experience. The facility is super clean and up to date. The room where they scan you is beautiful, has a very comfy bed and has a couch so you can bring guests with you. I’m pregnant with my third and have visited every time, each with a wonderful experience!!! They’re very accommodating with siblings as well.”




“I loved everything about this place!! Cannot be more thankful about my experience. Because of my strict work schedule, they were flexible with me coming in earlier!! I’m so thankful for stumbling upon them on the Internet!! Worth every penny! This was my birthday gift to myself – to find out the gender of my baby!! Thank you moms to be!! Keep up the great work!”




“This place was absolutely phenomenal!! Everything about it was perfect! The waiting room, the room you got the ultrasound, the staff! Just incredible. After receiving a very disappointing sonogram from my doctors office, I was grateful to have found this office. We got the $120 package and the teddy bear and we couldn’t be happier. I’m 36 weeks and my little man was very co-operative. We got some amazing pictures! Thank you so much!! Will definitely recommend and will be coming back for any future pregnancies!!”




“Fabio and the office staff were excellent. I was a few minutes late due to traffic and felt terrible and they were still fantastic. What a wonderful establishment and we are so happy we chose their office!! Thank you again for a great and friendly appointment!”




“Place is amazing!!! Went at 15 weeks an 4 days got the gender of my baby an got to see great pictures of him. Fabio is great!!! He was very friendly an answered all my questions. I would refer anyone here!!! Going back at 32 weeks!!!”




“I went there at 14 weeks for my gender determination and came back today at 30 weeks for my 4d ultrasound. They really care about their customers and treated me with such love. I would absolutely recommend this to everyone. Thank you so much Fabio and Fabio’s mom, I felt at home with you guys. Me and my family appreciate having ppl like you two in such a beautiful time of our lives!!! See you on our next pregnancy!”




“I went for my gender determination at 15 weeks and they were spectacular!! Highly recommended. The technician spent quality time with us and the room was like a hotel! Can’t wait to go back at 30 weeks!”




“Thank you Fabio and Moms To Be Ultrasound, we loved our HD ultrasound session, i will be recommending your services to all mommies to be.”

Genesis Silva




Moms to be ultrasound allowed us to come back for a redo session and baby Audrina was ready for pictures, we can’t thank you enough. I will recommend your services to everyone expecting, the facility is beautiful and the technician very knowledgable. They go the extra mile to delivery the best.




Awesome experience! Our little guy didn’t cooperate the first visit so we got to come back and he put on quite the show! Very nice people, I would def recommend using Moms to Be!





Loved loved loved it !! My husband, mother, and I traveled 2hrs to come to the facility and none of us were disappointed. Amazing pictures, the tech did everything he could to get a perfect shot of our baby boys face. It was a very comfortable atmosphere, comfortable bed to lay on with a chair right next to the bed for my husband. With extra seating for other people. I absolutely loved it. Thank you.





Sooooo glad I found you guys… The room is adorable (and not a “hospital” room), they were ready for me at my appointment time, great prices PLUS Fabio is very sweet and made us feel at “home”… Thank you so much for being a part of this day… When we discovered we are having a baby girl! Will highly recommend and will definitely be back!

Vanessa and Adam 05/28/2015




I had ultrasounds done here for both of my pregnancies. They have outstanding service and go out of their way to make sure you have a great experience. They even captured my son smiling 🙂 I would highly recommend them!





Love this place, staff is so accommodating and genuine. Man behind it knows his stuff. Bed is out of this world comfortable and I feel better in that room than in an actual spa… ok pretty close ;). Truly, Hands down just perfect all around from booking the appt to your very last minute of their service. Best experience in our first pregnancy with a gender reveal at 16 weeks and now going again for my second pregnancy again at 16 weeks! If your looking and can’t decide, look no further. This is your spot.





“Thanks for these amazing images and amazing experience”

Loiany C. / Justin




I had a 3D/4D done on 3/1/10 and LOVED my pictures. My boyfriend and I left the office in tears because the pictures and video turned out so amazing. We cant wait to meet our son, and thanks to you, now we know he’s absolutely adorable!

Thank you so much!
Delia M., Ian A. and baby Ian



My name is Shannon and my husband and I are pregnant with our third child. We have two girls ages 6 and 3, and when we considered having another child, our thoughts were focused on having a boy. Not long into my pregnancy, I was introduced to the people at Moms-To-Be through a mutual friend, and I was immediately drawn to their services. Eager to learn the sex of the baby, we scheduled a gender orientation ultrasound, and the experience that we had at Moms-To-Be Ultrasound was really amazing. Having experienced ultrasounds in the Dr.’s office with all three of my pregnancies, I was used to the cold sterile, hospital-like feel to the ultrasound rooms, but upon entering Moms-To-Be, I knew I was in for a new experience. The room was inviting and warm, the bed was comfortable, and there was a place for my family to sit and view the entire procedure right next to me. The initial attempts to see the sex were unsuccessful, but we didn’t give up, and after several minutes and changes in position, we learned that we were having a boy! I want to thank all of you at Moms-To-Be for your attention to detail and the effort you make to make each woman feel as though their pregnancy is the most special event ever experienced. I will never forget the courtesy and warm welcome that my family received that day!

Shannon T. – Kissimmee, FL



First of all let me tell you that I believe it would be almost impossible to put down in words how AMAZING this guys are, you’ll have to experience it yourself. But I’ll give it a try anyways.

My wife and I will be forever grateful to Moms To Be Ultrasound for their fantastic service as well as their awesome and top of the line facility. From the moment you call them up to make the appointment they make you feel like someone special. Women are the best creation of God, their body experience so many changes when they are pregnant that it is just incredible so they need to be pamper and at Moms To Be they really know how to do it. Their lounge area is super relaxing and cozy and the Ultrasound room is almost like a five star hotel suite but the number one reason to go to Moms To Be is the quality of service you’ll receive from the staff (by the way they own the place) they will treat you like their own family. As soon as you walk in the room and you see that super high tech Ultrasound machine and you lay down on that cozy bed and begin to watch your own child moving on that huge LCD monitor hanging on the wall you’ll say to yourself I should have gotten the 60 minute deal.

It is worth every penny!! Don’t even bother looking somewhere else; this is the place to go.

Thank you and you guys are the best.

Best of luck,
Adriana, Ricardo and Israrel H. – Carascas, Venezuela



We were first very impressed with the ambiance and the tranquil atmosphere of your facility. Then we were absolutely blown away with your state of the art imaging equipment and machines, the clarity and the lifelike images reminded us that a miracle was being carried inside of a human body. The imaging technician was very professionally trained and had a very comfortable personality, he answered all of our questions, and the price of the 3D/4D was only slightly more than other 2D imaging clinics, in which you can’t hardly see anything!! I can’t wait to do it again in her 7th month. We sent via the web the images and video to family and friends, they couldn’t believe that the images were real!! They did not know this technology existed. Out of 1 to 10 we rate your services a 10!! Thank you!

Antonio F. – Sao Paulo, Brazil



Dear Moms-To-Be,
My experience with ya’ll was a very exciting one. All the pictures came out great, and I was really pleased with the whole experience. It was well worth my time and my money, and now I have photos and videos to share with not just my family, but my daughter as well! I will most definitely look forward to returning back with future pregnancies! Thank you so much for everything!

Holly H.



Oh my God, this is my second baby and I have to tell you that this experience was amazing, from the moment I made the appointment to the moment we got to see our little angel, everything was so great and unforgettable!! I will most definitely recommend Moms-To-Be Ultrasound to all of my friends. Thank you so much for a great experience.

Juana T.



Moms-To-Be Ultrasound truly was a magnificent experience for Johnny and I. They are very professional, calm, and kind people. We had a lot of questions and they were very patient and went that little extra mile to make us feel satisfied. When we went into the ultrasound room we were amazed. It was spacious, the bed was very comfortable, and they have a huge plasma screen so when you see your baby it feels so amazing! You can see every little detail! The packages are also well priced and well worth your money. When Johnny and I watched the DVD I almost cried, they added music and it is of the entire session! I would recommend this place to all expecting moms!!

Jaclyn B.



Dear Moms-To-Be,
My husband Jeff and I had our 3d ultrasound at 30 weeks and were blown away! It was such a beautiful, amazing experience….thanks to the wonderful people at this facility. From the time we walked in, we were welcomed and experienced a feeling of peace, comfort, and serenity. The office is beautiful and the couple who own and run it are equally the same. The ultrasound room was very modern, with the latest equipment. During the ultrasound, we were given all of the time we needed to ask questions and to see our precious baby girl. A lot of time and dedication was offered so we could see everything we wanted and to get the best pictures possible. You WILL NOT be disappointed with anything offered at Moms-to-be. I will definitely use their services again and highly recommend them.

Kari and Jeff R.



I thought the facility was beautiful and soothing…I have already and will continue to refer people to your facility because everyone there made not only me but my family feel welcomed and comfortable. It was well worth the time and money!!!

Thank you,
Crystal S.



This was the first time I ever had a 4d ultrasound and it was such a beautiful experience to have had! My family also was extremely happy with the whole encounter and we all loved all the extra personal touches you put into the whole experience. You and your wife are such wonderful people and I would like you to know how fortunate I feel to have been able to have met you both! I really appreciate how you went the extra mile to allow me to revisit for a complimentary 4d ultrasound. This is a memory my family and I will never forget!

Thank you so much, God bless!
Daniela G.



I have to say that I have not stopped talking about your facility to everyone I know. I am so impressed how it did not feel anything like a “medical” visit. You all were so wonderful and the service was exceptional. I wish I had known about you with my previous pregnancies. I can’t imagine how you could improve anything since it was all so perfect.

I thank all of you for the wonderful experience and hope to send more people your way.

Thanks again.
Raquel V.



I have heard of the 3D/4D sonograms but did not really know what to expect. When I first arrived at Moms-To-Be Ultrasound I immediately felt like I was in spa heaven. Greeted by friendly staff, I was brought back to a private room with a comfortable bed. There was also a long couch for my husband and family to be by my side and share the experience. The huge plasma screen made me feel closer to my baby than I could have imagined. There she was moving and kicking. She was life size. The details you can see in her body and face began to energize the room. At that moment I realized this was by far the best experience I can have being pregnant. We left that day feeling amazed! Moms-To-Be Ultrasound is the one place I would ask any future moms to visit. To see your baby in such detail is indescribable. Lifetime memories of a DVD can begin your collection, and what a better time to start than before your baby is born.

Timia B.



Dear Moms-To-Be Ultrasound,
Our 4D ultrasound experience with your facility was the best we could have imagined. From the moment we stepped inside your office, we knew we were in a place of great care. The atmosphere was very serene. The staff made us feel welcomed and relaxed for our visit. My husband and I were very close to not having a 4D ultrasound, but we definitely would have missed a great opportunity to see our beautiful girl. We would recommend Moms-To-Be to everyone.

Thanks for a wonderful experience!
Natalie and Barrett M.



I’m responding to this message simply because I was very well treated and very much satisfied with the service I was given…I know I wasn’t one of the easiest patients being that my unborn child did not want to cooperate with the technician but never once did he give up instead he continued trying until he got a good enough shot we were happy with. I have since then given birth but If I were to ever have another baby in the future I will most definitely consider going back. I just want to thank the complete staff that participated in such a great experience for both me and my husband and may you all be truly blessed!

Minerva A.



I had a wonderful time there. Everyone was so nice and friendly. The place is incredible nice and clean. I really enjoyed my 2 sessions. Thanks for everything.

May God keep blessing everyone at Moms-To-Be.
Ennya A.



Seeing our baby girl in 4D was such an amazing experience! The technician was extremely professional and patient with us when the baby was not in a position that allowed us to see her face. We were able to come back for a complimentary session in which we were much more successful! We will cherish our photos and DVDs forever!

Stephanie C.



Eddie and I LOVED the experience. Everything about it was great. The waiting area was calm and relaxing (and private). The room was cozy… The technician was very nice and explained everything to us. The size of the screen was awesome. The video came out great and we love knowing that now we are having a little boy.

I thank you guys so much for what you do and I’ll be calling in the next month or so to set up my future 3D appointments.

Monica D. J.



We can truly say that the Mom-To- Be Ultrasound was quite a unique experience for the entire family including my Mom in New York. I wish the baby cooperated better but we may just have to go back again soon! Thank you!

Erin H.



Everything was great and it was a pleasure to see my son before he arrived. Thanks!!

Nibia B.



My husband and I had the best experience ever! The images were so clear and when our baby didn’t want to cooperate we were given some candy to wake him up 🙂 The staff is excellent and I would recommend to all expecting parents, you won’t be disappointed.

Chelsea J.



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